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Choux a la Creme

This is our Patissiere's specialty and one of the most favorite sweets menu in Japan. We deliver you our Choux made with selected materials

The word "Choux" stands for Cabbage in French. Crushed almond is used with this round shaped lovely Choux and finished it even crispier.

Fresh milk, eggs and fragrant vanilla beans, well balanced and selected materials make perfect chemistry with our custard cream. Our secret ingredient adds feeling of refresh and even smiling!!

Custard Pudding

Our is rich in thick fresh milk ,cream and eggs, flavory vanilla beans.

We use less bitter caramel source and the well balanced sweetness catch on with little child to adult.

Please enjoy the pleasant to palate silky touch and Tokyo style sweetness with your tongue.

Crepe with Custard Cream and Raspberry

We wrap fresh cream, special custard cream and raspberry jam with milk rich crepe.

You can enjoy our specialty and raspberry jam gives an refresh accent with our cream. Bon appetit!!

As we think how can our customers can enjoy our custard cream more, we made this cream-rich crepe.


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